This filly has an interesting pedigree with FurstenLook on the top and our quality producing Bellalula(Belissimo) mare on the bottom.

Pending | Hanoverian | 2017 | Dark Brown | Filly | 15.2


This tall bay colt has a very interesting pedigree with Dutch on the top and the top ranked olympic performance stallion Desperados on the bottom.

DE 4313 16921817 | Hanoverian | 2017 | Bay | Gelding | 16.2


This young colt will mature into a substantial riding horse. He is a gentle kind youngster, always composed and well mannered. He has a soft eye and noble head, a well set and crested neck and a good strong topline. He is correct and shows us 3 good gaits.

DE 4313 316843416 | Hanoverian | 2016 | Chestnut | Gelding | 16.1 hh


This is a second generation homebred filly. Fern is a beautiful type, with a very pretty head and she is well put together. But when she starts to trot across the field, she really captures the attention.

DE 4313 16505116 | Hanoverian | 2016 | Bay | Filly | 16.2

Belize – SOLD

Belize spent his early months on pasture with his Mom and another mare/foal pair. Once weaned he socialized with our other 3 foals in a free run indoor/outdoor setup.

Pending | Hanoverian | 2015 | Chestnut | Colt | Avg.

Freeman – SOLD

Freeman was shown at the 2014 Hanoverian Inspection and Show in Rockwood Ontario. He was awarded co-reserve Champion dressage foal….only surpassed by another Fabregas foal owned by Lauren Henderson of Washington State.

DE 4313 16695014 | Hanoverian | 2014 | Chestnut | Gelding | Medium