Forest – SOLD

Forest seems to have talents that could lend well in dressage, hunter or perhaps even jumping. Clean X-Rays.

DE 4313 16506316 | Hanoverian | 2016 | Bay | Gelding | 16.0 hh


Fern is a beautiful type, well put together and power. When she starts to trot across the riding ring she really captures the attention.

DE 4313 16505116 | Hanoverian | 2016 | Bay | Filly | 16.2

Han.Pr.C. Fabella – SOLD

Fabella is a kind and gentle FEI quality horse with recent X-Rays available. Both sire and dam are N/N (carrier free) for WFFS. She is a full sister to Fabliese.

DE 4313 16841915 | Hanoverian | 2015 | Chestnut | Filly | 16.1


Fergus is a tall, handsome youngster, who will excel in dressage. Not only does he look the part, he also feels the part. Only started this spring to allow his tall frame to grow. Fergus just frankly gets it!

DE 4313 16842115 | Hanoverian | 2015 | Chestnut | Gelding | 17.0

Becks – SOLD

Becks was Champion Foal at the 2011 Hanoverian Inspection and show of Western Ontario. This year he was entered in his inaugural dressage competition at the June 2015 Caledon Dressage Show in Orangeville, Ontario. He attained scores up to 77.885% and took the Championship in Training Level Open Class.

DE 431316970511 | Hanoverian | 2011 | Chestnut | Gelding | 16.2 1/2

Vin Diesel – SOLD

Pictured here is Diesel in the fall of 2013 after winning the Foal Show Championship at the 2013 Hanoverian Inspections. We are very excited to have this high quality gelding by Valentino-Dauphin as part of our herd. Thank you to Marjorie and Rick Haus for breeding him and giving us the opportunity to own him.

DE 43131965113 | Hanoverian | 2013 | Bay | Gelding | 16.2 hh

Han.Pr.C. Firefly – SOLD

This attractive young mare, though in a smaller package, offers all capabilities needed for going all the way. Her dam, Hann.Pr.Bella Lula, had the high scoring Performance Test at the 2013 Inspections. Firefly has a full brother(Fax) who was Champion foal at the 2016 Parkwood Hanoverian Show. Firefly completed her MPT in Sept 2017 with the highest score in the inspection: Gaits 8,7.5,8 Rideability 8,9 Jumping 7,7.5. She also was Reserve Champion in the mare show and was awarded her 1A prize.

DE 431316694914 | Hanoverian | 2014 | Liver Chestnut | Filly | 16.0

Han.Pr.C.Fabliese – SOLD

It is not often that you come across a young riding horse that has so much. Three correct and big active gaits and her athleticism, ridability and looks earned her the Fritz Floto Award for best dressage mare performance test in Canada in 2016. She also gained the Champion mare title and Premium candidacy at her mare inspection the same year. On June 10/11, 2017 Fabliese was introduced to her first dressage show (Caledon Cadora) and took 4 first place ribbons, the training level Championship and scores up to 74.4%. In 2018 Fabliese was identified as having great potential in the Hunter discipline. This has proven to be true in competition with multiple 1st place ribbons in under saddle Baby Green classes.

DE 4313 16728513 | Hanoverian | 2013 | Chestnut | Filly | 16.1

Floto – SOLD

“Floto” is a suitable size for the petite rider, smaller in frame but not in movement. Equipped with a huge walk, a very suspenseful trot and a ground covering canter, Floto will impress in the dressage ring. His hind end is a powerful engine, his back is supple and his neck uphill! Floto is still in “Kindergarten”, but already showing his ability under the rider.

pending | Hanoverian | 2012 | Chestnut | Gelding | 15.2