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Brood Mares/Foals

Liesel – 2005 Lauries Crusador/Bolero

FamilyWe imported this Hanoverian mare from Germany as a three year old in 2008 with the intent to “step up” the quality base of our small breeding herd. She has turned out to be a wonderful producer of quality foals. Liesels 2009 foal, “Wisteria Lane” by Wolkenstein II, has moved to St.Come Quebec and has attained her Elite Mare status there. Liesels next three foals, “Winslet” by Wolkentanz II, “Fleur de Lies” by Fidertanz, and “Fabliese” by Fabregas, each made the final ring in their respective foal shows the following years. At the 2013 show “Winslet” had a very good performance test and inspection as well winning Champion Mare of Show. This made Winslet a “Hanoverian Premium Candidate Mare”. The icing on the cake for Liesel at the 2013 show was the awarding of the title “Elite Mare Family”. Liesel was shown with her daughters “Winslet” and “Fleur” to make the 3 mare presentation that resulted in the title. We think this may have been the first ever “Elite Mare Family” title awarded in Canada and perhaps the first in North America as well. At the 2016 Hanoverian Inspection Liesel’s daughter Fabliese had a very good MPT and was Champion mare at the show. Fabliese was also awarded her 1A prize and is now a Premium Mare Candidate. After inspections from across the country were completed it was announced Fabliese receives the Fritz Floto award for top dressage MPT in Canada.
Liesel has produced another Fabregas filly in 2015 and a VERY leggy Fabregas filly again in 2016.

St.Pr. Haya – 2005 Hochadel/Silvio

We purchased this mare at the Elite Sale in Verden, Germany to further reinforce the genetic base of our small Hanoverian breeding group. Rather than keeping Haya in the pasture rearing foals we have been transferring her embryo each year to a recipient mare so she is free for dressage competitions. Haya has two very nice Belissimo M colts from 2010 and 2011 and a Furst Nymphenburg colt from the 2012 season. Haya was then given a holiday from competition and was allowed to raise her Fabregas filly “Fabliana”, in the 2013 season. Then her 2nd Fabregas foal caught the judges eye at the 2014 Hanoverian Foal Show and was made Co-Researve Champion. Haya has foaled Fabregas babies in both 2015 & 2016.

Haya achieved her GREATEST year in 2011! She scored many red ribbons with her performances in 1st level dressage tests, proved her genetic prepotency as the biological dam to 2011 Champion foal “Becks”, and was backed up by the licensing of her maternal 1/2 brother in Verden Germany in late October 2011. We are very proud of this sweet and attractive mare.

Desirade – 2007 Desperados/Wolkentanz

Desi 3Desi is our newest addition to our breeding herd. She was originally imported from Germany by the RCMP and exhibited very nice gaits, conformation and demeanour. Her sire Desperados is ranked # 1 in the FEI-world rankings for dressage horses. Previous to coming to Parkwood Stables Desirade proved to throw lovely moving quality foals. Her 2014 foal was the Champion Dressage foal at the Hanoverian Inspection in Eastern Ontario. We were fortunate to have purchased Desirade in the fall of 2014 to join our small band of brood mares. She foaled a Belissimo colt in the spring of 2016 and is now pregnant to Buckingham.


Hann.Pr.Bella Lula – 2010 Belissimo M/Weltruhm

Lula had the highest scoring Mare Performance Test at the 2013 Western Ontario Hanoverian Inspection and Show. She has fulfilled her remaining requirements and is now a “Hanoverian Premium Mare” that we are proud to add to our breeding herd. Lula produced a Fabregas filly in April of 2014 and a long legged Furstenball filly in April  of 2015. In 2016 this mare produced a spectacular Fabregas colt,”Fax”, who was Hanoverian Champion Foal at the Rockwood Inpection with over 20 foals participating. Lula is now pregnant to Furstenlook.


October 25th, 2016 “on the spur of the moment” we pulled Lula and her most recent foal Fax out of the field, didn’t clean them up, took them into the arena and took this video clip to show Fax’s movement.


Fling – 2011 Fidertanz/Lauries Crusador/Bolero

Fling is our youngest mare in our breeding herd. She is from “Elite Family Mare” Liesel and is most likely the best mare we have raised to this point. She was awarded her 1A prize at the 2013 Hanoverian Mare Show. Fling completed her Mare Performance Test with excellent results at the 2014 Inspection….we were proud of her….especially considering she was 4 months pregnant and a wee bit pudgy. Fling has produced a Belissimo M colt in April 2015 and refined Fabregas filly in the 2016 season. She has been bred back to Fabregas for her 2017 foaling.FlingFlingJumpFlingCant

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