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Fritz Floto(1924-2012)-Pioneer of Hanoverian Breeding

Our “hats off” to friend and mentor, Fritz Floto, who sadly passed away June 19th, 2012 on his farm near Guelph. Fritz has been a regular visitor to our farm since Parkwood Stables introduction to Hanoverian breeding. Of course the beginning of these visits also coincided with our connection to Inga Hamilton, trainer at Parkwood Stables and good friend to Elaine and Ted for the past six years. Fritz was a special friend and mentor to Inga since her move to Canada 23 years ago. He always visited to see Inga with a sparkle in his eye, a few witty and humorous comments and often some great advice for us as new Hanoverian breeders. Fritz was a Hanoverian judge, inspector, branding representative and pillar for the Eastern Canadian Hanoverian Breeders.


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