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Breeding Contract

There are two options to fill in our breeding contract:

  1. You may download Breeding Contract 2019 and email it back to us
  2. Fill in our pdf document Breeding Contract 2019.

Please Read Our Contract Details Below:

The stud fee for this stallion os $2,000 Canadian, which includes a non-refundable reservation fee of $500 which can be paid by cheque or, for the buyer’s convenience by Pay Pal on this website, or by INTERAC e-Transfer to elaine@parkwoodstables.com.

The balance owing after reservation fee is paid must be received prior to semen shipment.

You may download Breeding Contract 2019 and email it back to us, OR fill in our pdf document Breeding Contract 2019.

I understand that the Mare Owner shall assume all responsibility for the condition of the mare and bear all risk of loss or damage to the mare whether by death, disease, injury, infection or otherwise, and by any cause whatsoever, and therefore agrees to hold the Stallion Owners, keeper or agent harmless for any and all damages associated therewith.

Any veterinary costs related to the said mare are the Mare Owner’s responsibility. Any disputes of a legal matter must be settled in the Guelph, Ontario Provincial Court.

Fees and Conditions:

  1. Have your vet call us on the first day of your mare’s heat cycle so that we may plan the breeding.
  2. We must be contacted by telephone the day before the semen is to be shipped.
  3. We will ship the semen on the designated day via prearranged transport and notify you or your veterinarian with the details of the shipment and arrival time.
  4. Semen will be shipped in a high quality disposable shipping box.
  5. The Stallion Owner assumes the responsibility to ship semen that will be live and viable at the time of arrival at the Mare Owner’s farm or other designated location. Should the semen not arrive in a viable condition at the time of delivery, the Stallion Owners will bear the cost of transportation for the next shipment unless the semen is lost due to the negligence/difficulties of the courier, in which case we will try to get a refund from the courier.
  6. All unused semen must be destroyed and under no circumstances may any other mare, other than the designated mare in this contract, be inseminated.
  7. Should the mare become unfit for breeding, then a different mare approved by the Stallion Owners may be substituted.
  8. Live Foal Guarantee: The Live Foal Guarantee is based on full and complete adherence to the conditions listed below. A live foal is one that stands and nurses. Should the said mare fail to produce a live foal due to death of the foal, abortion, or failure to conceive (as determined by a veterinary pregnancy check by August 31), the Stallion Owners require a written statement from the Mare Owner’s veterinarian within one week of occurrence. Upon failure to produce a live foal, the Mare Owner is entitled to rebreed the year following the initial breeding. If a mare should fail to produce a live foal and the stallion dies or becomes unfit for service, a substitute will be offered or a full Stud Fee will be refunded. If semen has been shipped, the reservation fee will be kept by the Stallion Owners for semen collection expenses.
  9. First collection fee included, further collection fees including materials: $250 Canadian.
  10. FedEx/UPS, shipping and Airlines at cost.
  11. EMBRYO TRANSFERS. Parkwood Stables must be notified at the execution of this contract if the Mare Owner intends to use Embryo Transfer as a means of producing a foal from this breeding. In the case that multiple embryos are recovered from the donor mare, the additional embryos may be transferred to multiple Recipient Mares at the Mare Owner’s discretion. The Mare Owner must notify Parkwood Stables of any additional pregnancies not later than 18 days post implantation. Only at the time of foaling is an additional Breeding Fee of $1,000 due for each additional pregnancy resulting from the transfer of multiple embryos from the same breeding. If the Mare Owner wants to rebreed the donor mare to achieve additional pregnancies while there is a successful surrogate pregnancy in progress, a new Breeding Contract must be executed.